About Todd

Todd sometimes appears to be thinking

Todd Greene was raised in Joplin, Missouri, educated in New York City, and has migrated back to Joplin for his Continuing Education in life.

He is a husband, son, grandson, brother, Godfather, uncle, friend and helpful colleague. He is also the founder of Ad-Alt, Inc., the first pay-for-performance digital strategy consultancy, he’s the President and Co-founder of Joplin Expats, the “alumni association” of Joplin, and is the VP of Digital Strategy for a mobile startup called Scrratch.

He’s a guy with opinions and ideas who is living his life at the crossroads of tradition and innovation.

He’s selectively observant, is evolving his mind, yet isn’t leaving his foundation behind.

Todd realizes he’s been blessed by somehow literally having the greatest friends and family members on earth. On this blog you will see what he’s observed and learned from those people–from New York City to Joplin, Missouri.

You can find Todd Greene on Twitter and you can find Todd Greene on LinkedIn.

Todd Greene


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