PandoDaily and AdAge Both Fib

About a month ago, PandoDaily received decent coverage from AdAge, which not only touted PandoDaily’s quality investors, but most importantly AdAge emphasized why PandoDaily was unique in the marketplace. Reading more like a press release for PandoDaily, AdAge stated:

So how will PandoDaily stand out in a crowded tech-news landscape? For one, the focus will be exclusively on startups. So don’t expect a ton of coverage of big tech companies such as Google or Microsoft, unless the news directly affects the startup world.

Although this statement was quite noncommittal and passive, it still provided what seemed to be a fair assessment of how PandoDaily truly could separate itself from TechCrunch, Wired, Gizmodo, Engadget, CNET, ZDNet, and your friends’ twitter and Facebook feeds.

But below you will see a recent (just after 4pm CST on February 11th, 2011) image capture of PandoDaily’s home page. The first thing you might notice is the extremely prominent inclusion of little startups like Google and it’s Gmail service, a new and struggling company called Amazon, and another small fish called Oracle.

PandoDaily Only Covers Startups
PandoDaily Only Covers Startups

Sarah, if you’re out there, did you give up already, or is there another explanation?

AdAge, if you’re listening, did you happen to consider delving more into PandoDaily’s real uniqueness?

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