Elevators and Living Costs: Today’s NYC-Joplin, Missouri Comparison

Today’s victor: Joplin

Joplin wins Today's match
Joplin wins today’s match

As some very sad news came out today–and it could not happen in Joplin: an elevator malfunction kills one and injures two more. And the victims worked at one of the most prominent ad agencies in the city, which was housed in that building. I worked at comparative agencies during my agency tenure in Manhattan, and it’s virtually impossible to work on the first floor in NYC.

Every day, you are in an elevator at least six times: down to your apartment lobby; up from your office lobby; back-and-forth in your office building for lunch; repeat. And although today’s accident was a rare, freak accident, imagine being one of those New Yorkers who was in their office building when hearing the news. Imagine being a co-worker of the victims. You will then understand how much of a relief it was hearing this news and NOT being on the 20th floor of an office building just blocks away from the incident. A great sigh of relief came over me as I nestled here in my one story home-office in Joplin.

And just minute later, what did I read? Additional validation, continual confirmation, and damning details proving that New York City is the most expensive place to live in the U.S., including three of the five boroughs in the top five most expensive areas in the country.

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