Why “Joplin MealWatch”

Food Journals are often necessary
Documenting your meals is imperative in Joplin, MO

Joplin is a fairly typical Midwestern town. Which means it’s stacked full of churches and fast food restaurants. Attending church is not a bad idea, if you ask my family. But attending the Shake’s drive-through, or the dining area of God’s gift to quick service restaurants, Chick-fil-a (who will ever understand how ZAGAT’s audiences let In-N-Out beat them), are very bad ideas if you ask my love handles.

Problem is, the temptation is everywhere, all around. Every block seems to have a Sonic (five in the Joplin area) and it’s deep-fried sticks of Cheese. Or a Golden Corral and it’s $10 all-you-can-eat-of-everything buffet.

And to top it all off, there’s the driving. You must drive everywhere. That means you are not burning even a handful of calories.

If you live in a city like New York, which is full of people, NO PARKING signs and public transportation, you never drive. You walk. You may walk to the bus or the train, or to the corner to grab a cab. But at least you’re walking, constantly. So even if you splurge for a plate of nachos, you’re at least burning a few calories on the way to and from MxCo.

But in Joplin, you not only eat poorly, but you sit constantly. This is a horribly horrific combination.

So, when faced with potential dieting and health issues such as this, what do all the experts say to do?

Write it down. Traditionally in the form of offline print journals, diet documentation has been a historically effective form of ensuring a person gives proper contemplation before each and every meal. In fact, a previous coworker of mine documented each and every meal he ate during the entire year of 2010–but he did it using an online blog. Claimed he ate better than he ever had.

Therefore, while in Joplin, I recommend you do the same: photograph and post your meals, no matter how ridiculous it may sound.


Hopefully I will have that willpower and dedication. Because starting tonight, this blog will serve as my attempt to constantly document my Joplin diet.

I’m doing this for myself, and for all Joplin Diners. Wish us all luck.

Note: You can follow Todd’s Joplin MealWatch at toddgreene.me/category/mealwatch

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