Why Blog?

Why Blog? To Say Anything Any time to Anyone
John Cusack Says Anything

Most likely you don’t blog. But you have heard of it. Maybe you do blog, and still don’t understand it.

To blog or not to blog: it’s actually a very tough choice.

I have finally made the commitment. Welcome to my first official blog entry. It’s hosted on a domain* with my own full name in it, it’s written entirely by me, and it has nothing to do with anything but me.

Yes, kind of egotistical, I know.

So, “Why blog?” many ask. (Especially those outside of my industry and/or in the Midwest.) And to the defense of the blog-haters and the blog naive (like my good ol’ Grandpa Randall), New York Magazine itself even acknowledged that the transparency of the blogosphere has resulted in “the greatest generation gap since Rock-and-Roll.”

Blogging may be hard to fathom for many, but here are the reasons for blogging as I currently see them:

1) If it’s what you do: Not blogging, specifically, but marketing, promoting and positioning businesses online. Today, into tomorrow and through your lifetime, this is how marketing will flow:

Brand Building = Marketing + P.R. = Owned Online Content = Website/Blog/Other-undetermined-yet-similar-content-platform

If you aren’t blogging, you aren’t building a brand. So in fact, in the Internet Marketing world, the better question is “What took you so long to start blogging?” Many of those I know from my work life in NYC will laugh that I’m only blogging now, here, on my birthday, in 2011.  But realize, my industry friends, I have been bloging the micro-type ya know :)

2) Jealousy: If you’re like me, and  are once again in this industry, you may have already co-written, launched and managed nearly 100 press releases, blog entries, op-ed pieces and promotional items for large and small companies alike. You may have advised friends and family on their blogs. Yet, you’ve never committed to blogging for yourself. Dang it, now’s the time to receive the credit that is due to you!

3) Personal Brand-Building: For better or for worse, a blog allows people to know how your mind works. It then allows you to get feedback on how your mind works. It also gives you another online property that can help your online reputation (or at least give you more control over it). Also, a personal blog isn’t tied to any specific industry, company or organization you’re involved in. You are officially the Editor-in-Chief, Author, and Promoter, until the day you personally decide to close it down. In my own fantasy world, I have a goal to be on the first page of Google for my name by the time I die. Feel free to join me in crushing both the retired baseball player and the owner of the HeadBlade** by simply linking to “www.toddgreene.me” with the text “Todd Greene” (I assume this will not go ‘viral’).

4) MySpace: Yes, THAT MySpace. Or Friendster (which has turned in to a gaming community). Or Orkut (which is really only used in Brazil). Or any of the other ‘original’ social networks. You see, you may have been an early blog adopter and not even remember it. I was–beginning April of 2006. I just happened to blog on the wrong platform. But even if MySpace has drifted in to the Black Hole of Internet Past, I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let such classic blogging gems as Too Old For This, Mr. Kitty or Witnessing a City Biker’s Worst Nightmare drift with it.

5) To Continually Test Voice Recognition Software: Windows has it. Timothy Ferris swears by the Dragon Naturally Speaking version of it, and The NY Times’ David Pogue included it in his TED Talk. My company, Marketing Consulting – Todd Greene, uses it for its clients’ projects, and I need to get more comfortable with it. So, if you end up reading future Todd Greene blogs, plan to read some highly awkward posts coming straight from an automated robot version of my spoken word.

6) To write: It may be your only remaining chance to write something of meaning. In my case, I have a Bachelor of Journalism from the best Journalism School in the country (I’m required by school guidelines to say that), and also have a mother who’s an English teacher. I also fancy myself creative. Yet, my personal editorial has diminished to only writing emails and 140-character Re-tweets. So sometimes I need an outlet. I also need to keep my mind fresh as I age, and I do not like Sudoku or crossword puzzles. Also, the more I write and type, the better chance I have of beating 80 WPM, another bucket list goal of mine.

This Band Says Anything
This Band Says Anything

7) To Say Anything: Where else in the world does a person have a virtually free platform to say anything. Not that your blog should be filter-less, but boy does a blog open up entirely new ways to vent, dictate, document and distribute anything you please. You can also offer up a medium for your friends and colleagues who aren’t yet up to blogging on their own. Now anyone can say anything any time, and it an be hosted and managed by you.

So that’s it. The late-night ramblings and reasons for you to blog personally, and why I have started the Todd Greene blog.

*It’s not a “.com.” because Microsoft sucks.
**Who Microsoft allowed to steal my toddgreene.com domain that I had registered years ahead of him 

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