Too old for this [resurrected MySpace post]

Feb 11, 2007 (5:24 PM)

Too old for this

Current mood:confused
What does it take to be out of touch?  My grandma’s never sent an email.  Recently a co-worker referred to someone sending a text message as “you kids today, with your silly toys.” And this weekend, I was the only one in our group who had never heard this supposedly popular Gnarles Barkley song we were dancing to. WTF!?
In defending my naivety to those around, I claimed I was too hip to be accepting what mainstream media chooses to spoonfeed me through “music” television, bad radio, and over-hyped awards shows.  I made a note to myself, however, to at least read some online news about the grammys, or check out the top selling albums on iTunes.
I’m still cool. Dammit. I mean, I do use iTunes. And email. And I even take and send pictures on my cell phone! And to top it off, I am blogging on MySpace! Granted I have never heard any of the songs on anyone’s profile, and my page’s pimp score is as low as it gets. But I will guarantee you that grandma doesn’t have a MySpace page! So I am NOT old!It’s just that, my music is old. And not very mainstream. I mean, I thought everyone gave up on the radio. And MTV/VH1/fuse/whatever else don’t even really play music, do they? They just play shows like “White Rapper” and “Whitest Kids U’Know”. Hell, if it wasn’t for Youtube I may have never seen Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy” video.

So I guess I’m not really “old”. (I mean, I may be too old for Myspace, but I was the same age or younger than almost everyone else who knew this Gnarles Barkley character.) I’m just musically stale. Harmonically Hampered. Lyrically Lost. I have subconsciously given up on finding new music; I guess because it was too overwhelming to find and download or purchase what I liked. I blame it on the shady peeps using the used-to-be reliable (and now I guess illegal) file sharing programs. Everything I downloaded was wrongly named, incomplete, spyware-laden, or a promotion for a real bad D.J.

Enter: Pandora. But it’s not on-demand music. So it really just results in me wanting to spend half my paycheck on music. And It still would keep me unhip, because most of the music I like isn’t new! Friday Jams is also an awesome, free way to discover music I like, but doesn’t solve my problem of apparent geriatricism.

Conclusion: One can still be young and hip, dammit. Whether their approach to music is hip or not.

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